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3D Mode Show, Devize - May 2000


3D Mode Show, DJ Devize and Accapello - 7th October 2000


The Slow Motion Recordings Special (Devize and Guests) - 15 November 1999


Devize, Perfect Combination Guest Show - 2nd May 1999


DJ Devize, The Dark Stranger - Unknown Date


DJ Devize, 3D Mode Recordings - Probably 2001


DJ Devize, 3D Mode - 11th November 2001


DJ Devize - February 1999 (updated)


Astro J Show (With DJ Devize) - 16th May 1999



I started deejaying back in the late 80's. The only records I had at the time were Hip Hop, due to me being brought up in the Electro era. But this was the start for me. Because I was so young, I didn't have the money for turntables, so I used to go to a local youth centre and use theirs. My record collection grew quickly, but I reckon it must have been 1990 before a mate of mine gave me a tape of Carl Cox. When I listened to it I was blown away. I had to ask what type of music it was.

The thing that stood out to me about Hardcore was how different it sounded, despite the fact that it featured elements of Hip Hop. This was the turning point. I entered a scene that would change my life for good. It didn't take me that long to get a nice selection of vinyl together, even though I was still only 16 years old. It also didn't take me long to get used to mixing. Within months, I started to play at free parties, in warehouses, on farms! and also in peoples houses or back gardens. The atmosphere in these places was mind blowing and the best thing of all was that I had a part in it. (Another good thing was that my parents were cool about it. They didn't mind as long I was careful).

As time moved on I eventually got a legal booking. I was asked to play at the opening of Birmingham's Arcadian Centre. That for me was one big achievement.

It was in 1993 when I got my first booking at 'Quest'. I can't remember how many tapes I must have sent them before they said 'yes' but I know I've got to say many thanks to Bill from Diffusion for the bookings. Also for starting me off on my never ending journey into the world of Drum & Bass. "Nice one". To cut a long story short, I must have played between 50 and 100 different clubs up & down the country by about 1997. To see several of the flyers that I'm featured on, check out the 3D MODE website @ www.3dmode.co.uk

I've met many Deejays on my journey, who have inspired and passed knowledge down to me. This has helped a lot. I will always have respect for them, despite the bad times. These D.J.s include Ellis The Menace, Kenny K-Go, Dubmaster and Devious. It was during this time I got to broadcast on Kool FM Midlands. It took some time for me to get used to presenting, so to make things easier for me I hooked up with MC Biggie, who I've known for many years. It didn't take much persuasion to get the management to agree.

A couple of years later I helped MC Accapello break onto Kool FM. This time it was slightly harder. It must have taken at least 4 or 5 demo tapes, plus it meant us keeping a bit of a secret, (he was a bit too young to be Mcing on a pirate station!) We held it down and he was accepted finally by the notorious Kool FM Management. The secret was only let out this year when Kool needed MC Accapello's details for a booking in Germany. By that time it was too late for anything to be done. Ever since his debut, we have never looked back. My love and dedication to the scene is clear .

Over the years on Kool, I have tried hard to create a certain element in my show that makes me different from everyone else. To do this I try to take the listener's angle. For example, if I were tuned in I would want to be able to recognise the deejay by the tunes that were being played and by their mixing talent, before I actually heard their voice. It has taken me a long time but I've managed to do it. This could definitely only be achieved by setting up my own studio and producing tracks myself. This undoubtedly gives my show it's individuality.and sets me apart from the rest. The response from regular listeners is amazing and I appreciate all their support. Big time! With thanks.

All this would not have happened as quickly without big help from somebody who started off as a fan of the show. The 3A is now somebody who I work with and also in partnership with in 3D Mode Recordings. So once again, thanks to the radio for making this possible.

Since my last profile, certain things have happened. I can now say that the best place I've played has to be Switzerland, not once but twice. The first visit abroad was the launch party for new record label 'City Rollaz Inc'. I played with some of Zurich's No:1 drum'n'bass producers; the 'M.B.S'(Metropolitan Bass Scientists). The second time was with Dylan, a UK producer from 'Biotic Recordings'. Both times I played Switzerland, the atmosphere in the club was electric. Another good thing was that I didn't even need to adjust the way I play ,which made both nights more enjoyable, for me anyway! Once again thanks to Del from 'City Rollaz Inc', 'M.B.S' & 'Blackout Promotions' for the bookings- definitely most appreciated. I'm looking forward to the next visit!

Finally, my biggest achievement to date has to be setting up the label 3D Mode Recordings with my partner 3A. It has taken 12 months of preparation before our first release. All this would not of been possible without the support of all the Kool Fm Midlands listeners who have been behind me & 3A from the start...THANK YOU !!!!!

Watch this space for more news on releases from the 3D Mode Recording' stable or check out our website @ http://www.3dmode.co.uk