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Vision Special with Spice and JB - 8th October 1999


DJ Spice, V Recordings Special - 28 March 1999



Spice started DJ'ing in 1997. "I first started as a producer for BACK 2 BASICS back in 93/94, with Beats Back".

For most people there natural progression is from raving to DJ'ing to producing, but not Spice. She started as a professional dancer back in 1989 at clubs like Quest, Helter Skelter, Jungle Fever and Dreamscape. "Being a dancer, you can see what people like, and I knew my next step had to be producing".

Producing all started when she met the main man JASON BALL from Back 2 Basics in a club down London called Speed. "We were both out of town at the time, and we started talking...realising we were both from the same area we decided to work on a track at the studio's in Birmingham".

Back in Birmingham, Spice with JB engineering created the track 'BEATS BACK' which had such a good response from many top DJ's. A remix by Spice was produced for Micky Finn, which later got released.

When Spice was registering her name with MCPS, little did she realise that the 'Spice Girls' were later trying to register with the name 'Spice'. Which later resulted in them calling themselves 'Spice Girls'.

Over the years Spice has had many hits under different names on labels such as Back2Basics and Second Movement. "Beats Back, is by far has been the biggest release which I have produced...".

The music got to a stage, where Spice had no choice but to start DJ'ing. "The music inspired me so much, that I needed to express my-self through DJ'ing as well as producing".

Her regular KOOL FM MIDLANDS show on Sunday evening, more then satisfies her-self, as she loves interacting with her listeners. "I much too busy with producing music, to peruse a full time DJ career. I love my show on KOOL FM, it allows me to be experimental and be versatile... and also keeps me in touch with what's going on".

1999 has proved to be a very busy year for Spice, with her biggest seller 'STEP OFF' being remixed by respected Drum and Bass giants DJ SS and JB. A four week radio tour was done covering the whole of the UK and Scotland, as well as doing guest spots and interviews on Internet radio, meaning the interview/mix was broadcast worldwide.

As the only female resident @ MUSIC FIRST, a weekly Drum and Bass extravaganza, things are certainly hotting up for Miss Spice. Her next release 'DYNAMITE' which is currently being cained by, Grooverider, Storm, SS, Ray Keith, Hype, Zinc and Bailey.

"I love springing suprises with each release, I think at the time I made Dynamite, it was PMT week, but seriously, I love creativity and am always looking for that something. A new element that will give my track that Spice twist, which is what I'm getting known for".

Now working weekends at the Music First shop in Birmingham, her working week is hectic, leaving little time for playing out as a DJ. "My main and only priority is producing, I don't really want to pursue my carrer as a DJ... I would rather be in the studio".